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Episode 15 and news about the show

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So, I forgot to post up about the show before hand. I will try to be more on top of things for next weeks show. However I did want to take some time to discuss some things about the show that I have been thinking about the past few days. Next week will be the last show of the year and we will return in August to continue discussing the beautiful game. There are going to be many changes to the show next semester.

Date and Time of the Show

I have had many people want to listen to the show, but the current slot doesn’t work. That is changing next year. My plan is put the show on Sunday late afternoon. Not only does this give us the ability to get more listeners, but will also allow us to cover matches on Saturday fresh after they have been played.

Podcast and Name

Next year the show will have a podcast. I have begun researching several podcast sites and will probably be testing some of them over the summer. Also with a new podcast I have considered changing the name of the show to coincide with the podcast. Particularly since some of the show files are corrupted and lost from the hard drive. I will keep everyone updated on that.

Enjoy our last show and hope you all listen next week.

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